Monday, September 25, 2006


TImage displays a graphical image.
TObject - TPersistent - TComponent - TControl - TGraphicControl - TImage


Use TImage to display a graphical image on a form. Use the TPicture object in the Picture property to specify the actual bitmap, icon, metafile, or other graphic object displayed by TImage. Properties and methods of TPicture can be used for such things as loading an image from file, clearing the image in the TImage, and assigning an image for another control. TImage introduces several properties to determine how the image is displayed within the boundaries of the TImage object.

To add an image to a form or data module so that it is available for display by other controls, such as action lists and bitmap buttons, use a TImageList control instead.
如果要在 form 中顯示一張影像, 就必須要用到 Image 元件, 可以從 TImage 類別的 Help 資料著手, 了解 BCB 對於顯示影像是如何運作的。在 Image 元件中, 有一個屬性 ( property ) 稱為 Picture, 其型態原型為 TPicture, 是用來儲存影像資料的地方。

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