Thursday, October 15, 2009


Indicates the bit format of the bitmap image, specifying how the image is displayed and how the pixels of the bitmap image are stored in memory.

enum TPixelFormat {pfDevice, pf1bit, pf4bit, pf8bit, pf15bit, pf16bit, pf24bit, pf32bit, pfCustom};
__property TPixelFormat PixelFormat = {read=GetPixelFormat, write=SetPixelFormat, nodefault};


Use PixelFormat to change a TBitmap's internal image to a particular memory format and color depth, or to find out what memory format and color depth a TBitmap is using.

For example, PixelFormat can be used to set the pixel format of the bitmap image to 8-bit for video drivers that cannot display the native format of a bitmap image.

Changing the pixel format is most commonly used with ScanLine, because your code must decode the pixel data accessed by ScanLine. Image-editing tools usually use one pixel for all internal image operations and copy the results to the screen (in whatever format) as the last step.

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