Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Determines the color and pattern for filling graphical shapes and backgrounds.

__property TBrush* Brush = {read=FBrush, write=SetBrush};


Set the Brush property to specify the color and pattern to use when drawing the background or filling in graphical shapes. The value of Brush is a TBrush object. Set the properties of the TBrush object to specify the color and pattern or bitmap to use when filling in spaces on the canvas.

Note: Setting the Brush property assigns the specified TBrush object, rather than replacing the current TBrush object.
Note: Brush must have a Style of bsSolid before you can paint.

Image1->Canvas->Brush->Color =(TColor)RGB(130,67,33);
設定 Image1 畫布上筆刷的顏色為 (130,67,33)。

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