Saturday, October 21, 2006

TCanvas::CopyRect method

Copies part of an image from another canvas into the canvas.
void __fastcall CopyRect(const TRect &Dest, TCanvas* Canvas, const TRect &Source);

Use CopyRect to transfer part of the image on another canvas to the image of the TCanvas object. Dest specifies the rectangle on the canvas where the source image will be copied. The Canvas parameter specifies the canvas with the source image. Source specifies a rectangle bounding the portion of the source canvas that will be copied.

The portion of the source canvas is copied using the mode specified by CopyMode.
TCanvas::CopyRect method 可以將另外一個 Canvas ( 第二個輸入參數 ) 中的特定長方塊 (rectangle) ( 第三個輸入參數 ) 中的影像 copy 到自己這個 Canvas 的特定長方塊( 第一個輸入參數 ) 中。

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