Sunday, October 15, 2006

VFW: 設定視訊畫面顯示速率

在Preview 顯示模式下, VFW SKD 提供 capPreviewRate 函數來設定視訊畫面的顯示速率。
The capPreviewRate macro sets the frame display rate in preview mode.

BOOL capPreviewRate(

hwnd Handle of a capture window.
wMS Rate, in milliseconds, at which new frames are captured and displayed.

Return Values
Returns TRUE if successful or FALSE if the capture window is not connected to a capture driver.

The preview mode uses substantial CPU resources. Applications can disable preview or lower the preview rate when another application has the focus. During streaming video capture, the previewing task is lower priority than writing frames to disk, and preview frames are displayed only if no other buffers are available for writing.
注意: 這邊的 wMS 指的就是一個畫面 ( frame ) 要顯示多少毫秒 ( msec ), 單位是 msec/frame, 若要轉換成我們一般習慣的每秒顯示多少個畫面, 單位是 frame/sec, 則是 1sec. = 1000 msec. 例如: 每個畫面顯示 20 毫秒, 代表每秒種可以顯示 1000/20 = 50 個畫面。

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